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July 1985 Table of Contents


Souls in Motion
by Leon Forrest

In Chicago’s black churches moments of spiritual and secular discovery unfold against an avalanche of sound.

Chapman Kelley’s Wild Idea
by Barbara Polikoff
A Johnny Appleseed of wildflowers puts a prairie in Bicentennial Plaza.

James Levine
by Gordon Gould
Back for the Ravinia Festival’s 50th-anniversary season, the musical luminary from the Met discusses the world he loves best.

Meeting Their Match
by Jack Star
A look at stunning developments in the world of fingerprint identification and collection



by Henry Hanson
Inspiring nights at O’Rourke’s bar; concern about AIDS spurs on fund-raising performances; socializing with Chicagoans in Harbor Country

On the Aisle: When Ravinia was “Dreaming True”
by Claudia Cassidy
The splendor of the great nights, the special intimacy, the delight of discovery

M.W. Newman: City of Light – and Shadow
Will Chicago regain its lost glory this Fourth of July? Or next?

Audio: Lend on Ear to B&W
by Rich Warren
The latest standouts – in a wide price range – from a company that specializes in speakers

Travel: A Parisian’s Paris
by Jack Altman
An American expatriate shares what Parisians – and he – like about the city.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
A tribute to ingenuity, man’s and nature’s: rare popcorn; a banana that rings you up; a typewriter that writes in circles; porcelain, all sorts of shapes, all white on white

Theatre: Theatrical Fit
by Lenny Kleinfeld
A stage’s geography  can define a play’s destiny.

Movies: Lust Versus Corporate Loyalty
by Dave Kehr
A true hero should be obsessed with (a) sales or (b) a woman with catlike movements and devouring eyes?

Chicago As It Was: Milk Wars
by Perry R. Duis
Farmers and dairy owners once lined up against Chicago in the fight for a wholesome product.

Books: Mind-Altering Media  
The underground press created common ground for politicos and hippies, for radicals and freaks, for SDS and LSD.

Dining on a Budget: Street Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
From barbecued chicken to the fiery idli sambhar, these curbside delights are sure to please.

Dining on the Town: Taylor-Made on Halsted
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Yuppies swarm like guppies when the bait looks bright.

The Best of Chicago: Hats Off to Johnny
by Alan Gross
If you pine for a Panama or feel for a fedora, head over to South Racine Avenue.

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