Souls in Motion
by Leon Forrest

In Chicago’s black churches moments of spiritual and secular discovery unfold against an avalanche of sound.

Chapman Kelley’s Wild Idea
by Barbara Polikoff
A Johnny Appleseed of wildflowers puts a prairie in Bicentennial Plaza.

James Levine
by Gordon Gould
Back for the Ravinia Festival’s 50th-anniversary season, the musical luminary from the Met discusses the world he loves best.

Meeting Their Match
by Jack Star
A look at stunning developments in the world of fingerprint identification and collection



by Henry Hanson
Inspiring nights at O’Rourke’s bar; concern about AIDS spurs on fund-raising performances; socializing with Chicagoans in Harbor Country

On the Aisle: When Ravinia was “Dreaming True”
by Claudia Cassidy
The splendor of the great nights, the special intimacy, the delight of discovery

M.W. Newman: City of Light – and Shadow
Will Chicago regain its lost glory this Fourth of July? Or next?

Audio: Lend on Ear to B&W
by Rich Warren
The latest standouts – in a wide price range – from a company that specializes in speakers

Travel: A Parisian’s Paris
by Jack Altman
An American expatriate shares what Parisians – and he – like about the city.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
A tribute to ingenuity, man’s and nature’s: rare popcorn; a banana that rings you up; a typewriter that writes in circles; porcelain, all sorts of shapes, all white on white

Theatre: Theatrical Fit
by Lenny Kleinfeld
A stage’s geography  can define a play’s destiny.

Movies: Lust Versus Corporate Loyalty
by Dave Kehr
A true hero should be obsessed with (a) sales or (b) a woman with catlike movements and devouring eyes?

Chicago As It Was: Milk Wars
by Perry R. Duis
Farmers and dairy owners once lined up against Chicago in the fight for a wholesome product.

Books: Mind-Altering Media  
The underground press created common ground for politicos and hippies, for radicals and freaks, for SDS and LSD.

Dining on a Budget: Street Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
From barbecued chicken to the fiery idli sambhar, these curbside delights are sure to please.

Dining on the Town: Taylor-Made on Halsted
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Yuppies swarm like guppies when the bait looks bright.

The Best of Chicago: Hats Off to Johnny
by Alan Gross
If you pine for a Panama or feel for a fedora, head over to South Racine Avenue.

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