When you think Jell-O shot, you think cherry Jell-O with really bad vodka in a tiny plastic cup,” says Alexis Miles, whose catering service, Hello Jello Chicago, has elevated the boozy party favorite into wobbly objets d’art. A batch of 18 to 24 shots starts at $39, depending on the kind. Below, Miles describes how she makes a few of her favorites.

Various Jell-O shots

1. Key Lime Pie Shot

“I create a graham cracker crust, then I combine lime juice, lemon vodka, and gelatin, let it bloom, and heat it up while whisking. I add a bit of cream and coloring to give it a soft lime hue.”

2. Rosé Jell-O Shot

“This one comes with a side of Pop Rocks, which create an explosion in your mouth. You have to sprinkle the Pop Rocks on right before doing the shot, because any prolonged contact with sugar solidifies the gelatin.”

3. Cadbury Chocolate Egg Shot

“Making these is not a pretty procedure — each step is real gooey. I cut off the top quarter of a Cadbury egg and scoop out the filling. Then I whisk the alcohol  — RumChata and vanilla vodka both work well — into the filling to create a nice soupy texture, add the gelatin, and cook it down. Finally, I funnel the filling back into the eggs and let it set.”

4. Pink Lemonade Fruit Rind Shot

“After slicing a lemon in half, I scoop out the flesh. Then I squeeze out the juice, add the gelatin, and let it sit until it creates a gelatinous form. I whisk it on the stove, add peach vodka and coloring, then pour the mixture into the lemon halves and let them set. Everyone loves these because they last a long time — you can take them on picnics.”