Bikram Yoga River North

1 E. Erie St., 312-397-9642,
Hot: Bikram yoga runs you through 26 poses in a 105-degree room with 43 percent humidity—which can result in rank quarters. Bikram Yoga River North not only offers excellent classes around the clock, led by its 10-plus instructors, but also boasts special odor-repelling floors and a ventilated 6,000-square-foot studio. Drop-in rate: $18

Bend Yoga & Movement

906 N. Damen Ave., 847-922-2342,
Hybrid: The owner of this Ukrainian Village studio, Rachel Ladd, rebooted it last year by mashing up yoga with other fitness trends. Her three most interesting classes are Yogalates (mat Pilates combined with vinyasa flow yoga), Yoga Sculpt (yoga with hand weights), and Buddhaburn (yoga meets Budokon, a martial-arts-inspired workout). Drop-in rate: $15

Bloom Studio

4663 N. Rockwell St., 773-463-9642,
Prenatal: Many established yoga practices offer the occasional class for pregnant women, but Bloom Studio is the rare space catering to expectant mothers and their families. It offers prenatal classes almost every day, a prenatal partner workshop, and weekly classes designed for mothers and infants, toddlers, and older children. Drop-in rate: $16

The Yoga Circle

401 W. Ontario St., 312-915-0750,
Traditional: Gabriel Halpern, a bit of a legend in the Chicago yoga scene, started this Iyengar-style studio nearly 30 years ago. Expect to go deep into the foundational form of yoga under the tutelage of Halpern and his experienced instructors. The master class is a replica of one taught at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India. Drop-in rate: $18