At this bright little Logan Square storefront at 2651 North Kedzie Avenue—the old Flipside Cafe—the details make all the difference.

Handcrafted tangy-sweet cherry phosphates ($4), gently spiced coffee horchatas ($3.50), and jalapeño-spiked lime sodas ($4) remind you that a neighborhood sandwich shop can quench your thirst with more than just great coffee. And a few bites of oozing cheddar and smoked Gouda on buttery rosemary toast ($8) show you the impact a single woodsy herb can have, even on the world’s perfect comfort food. That same rosemary-studded bread lends an herbaceous je ne sais quoi all over the menu, from the open-faced fried egg sandwich with house-cured bacon, arugula, and pickled cabbage ($8) to dilly egg salad with sweet pickled shallots ($8).

A chewy double chocolate chip cookie ($2.50) is a standard rendition. But honestly, what’s there to improve?