Charlie Davis and three hard ciders
Charlie Davis Photo: Jeff Marini

Tell me if you’ve heard this one: Boy meets girl. Boy woos girl with his home-brewed hard cider. Girl loves it, marries boy. Then boy and girl bottle the brew and slap a cute name on it: Right Bee Cider — as in “right beside her.” Aww.

That was back in 2014. Five years later, Charlie Davis and Katie Morgan opened a full-fledged cidery, the first documented one inside the city limits since Prohibition, in May. In their Hermosa taproom they brew and package three year-round offerings plus several specialty releases.

At the risk of sounding sappy, their ciders really do taste like they’re crafted with love. Blossom (1) is subtly bright, a semidry sparkler flavored with cherry blossoms and myrtle. Hermosa Rosé (2) is a summer-only brew tinted pink with hibiscus and rose hips. And Dry (3) is the classic, a tannic beauty made with nothing but fermented apples from Michigan. Vive l’amour. 1830 N. Kostner Ave.