Riley Huddleston loves technology, and in his spanking new kitchen at IO Urban Roofscape, an indoor/outdoor terrace on the fourth floor of the Godfrey Hotel, he will have plenty of cool tools to play with.

No fewer than three Convotherm ovens will be at Huddleston’s disposal. These puppies steam, broil, roast, crisp, demoisturize, and save energy—all with the flick of the right switch. Then there’s the refractometer for drinks, pastries, and sorbets (to measure sugar so nothing melts too fast), the indispensable alcoholometer for craft cocktails (to ensure consistent alcohol levels in every brandy Alexander and mint julep), and a pH meter (to, well, measure pH).

So what will come out of Huddleston’s scientifically equipped kitchen? Refreshingly normal and somewhat playful dishes. Things such as ahi tuna and lamb chop lollipops. Short rib Bolognese, roast Amish chicken, and Scottish salmon. All to be enjoyed under a retractable roof in IO’s ultramodern lounge.

In the spring, when that roof opens to the sky, the gadget-happy Huddleston might want a weathervane.

Godfrey Hotel, 127 W. Huron St., 312-649-2000