Jack in the Box and the Canadian
Jack in the Box and the Canadian Photo: Jeff Marini

Think of this subterranean space as the inverse of its ground-level sibling, the breezy taqueria Lonesome Rose. Golden Teardrops—the name comes from a 1950s doo-wop song—is moody, with black walls and a neon sign that says, cryptically, “Weddings & Funerals.” As the bartender explained, it’s an allusion to the fact that those are the two times people get together to do serious drinking. And the drinks here are indeed serious: None boast more than four ingredients, letting you taste the spirits above all else. The Canadian, for instance, is all about the High West double rye, with just a hint of maple syrup on the back end. It’s a damn good cocktail, whether you’re mourning, celebrating, or something in between.

2101 N. California Ave.