Smoked oysters at Roister
Smoked oysters at Roister Photo: Jeff Marini

1 Smoked oysters at Roister

These intricately flavored beauties are sparked with a subtle curry-and-chipotle burn and delivered on a bed of smoked seaweed and wood. $19. 951 W. Fulton Market, West Loop

2 Oyster po’boy sliders at GT Fish & Oyster

The Pringles of upscale bar food: Once you pop one of these kimchi-aïoli-slathered sandwiches, you can’t stop. $5 each. 531 N. Wells St., River North

3 Coal-roasted oysters at Proxi

Bathed in ssamjang butter, the bivalves are smokier than a shot of mezcal. $16. 565 W. Randolph St., West Loop

4 Fancy oysters at Portsmith

Their name doesn’t lie. Gilded with yuzu sorbet and caviar, these oysters are black-tie ready. $6 each. Dana Hotel, 660 N. State St., Near North Side