The Bristol pierogi

The Bristol

2152 N. Damen Ave.

Photos: Anna Knott

The ingredients—braised cabbage, tender smoked ham, and potato—sound straightforward, but with a brown jacket that’s more crisp pastry than chewy dumpling, these are some rogue ’rogi. $13


Bohemian House pierogi

Bohemian House

11 W. Illinois St.

Served on mismatched porcelain plates with roasted carrots and hearty gravy, these imperfect braised-beef-cheek-stuffed specimens may as well have been plucked from Babka’s kitchen. $13


Longman & Eagle pierogi

Longman & Eagle

2657 N. Kedzie Ave.

Longman chefs up the humble dumpling: Two won ton–like shells filled with potato and cabbage share the spotlight with juicy venison sausage, pickled mustard seeds, and a smear of rye bread purée. $15


Polak Eatery pierogi

Polak Eatery

1043 N. California Ave.

Pierogi dominate the menu here, and you better believe this kitchen knows its dough. Order the slightly browned beauts with whichever fillings (and toppings) you desire, but you’ll fall hardest for the decidedly non-Polish spinach-ricotta version. $7


Qulinarnia pierogi


1730 W. Golf Rd., Mount Prospect

This strip mall darling serves its tender crescents in two varieties: spinach-lobster and potato-cheese. Go with the latter. Why? Because bacon. The scattering of smoky, crunchy nubs may be the best thing that ever happened to potatoes. $11