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Ryan Poli

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Executive chef of Perennial

From: Garfield Ridge
Lives in: Pilsen
Resumé note: Ryan worked at The French Laundry for two years and counts Thomas Keller as his mentor.

No e-mail available.

“I’m a South Sider. Growing up, I hung out at the mall, loitered at the 7-Eleven, and lived a pretty average life. No one in my family knows where my being a cook came from. The joke is that there’s a mailman somewhere who drinks pinot noir and wears Prada.”

“My favorite section in the grocery store? It’s probably the candy aisle. I’m a big junk food guy. I’m addicted to Doritos Cool Ranch.”

“The first restaurant I ever worked at was the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. Every once in a while, they’d sneak me into a bar across the street. I felt like a pirate.”

“My father was a Chicago police officer and, growing up, all my friends’ fathers were cops. You couldn’t get away with much. My dad was a detective for 30 years. He knew things that I was doing before I did them.”  

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