Mezcal is having a moment. Pick any serious craft cocktail den and you’ll probably spot the agave-based spirit—tequila’s smoky, artisanal cousin—in at least a few drinks. But like so many industry obsessions before it (Fernet Branca, sherry, Malört), mezcal can be a bit of an acquired taste. Enter the refreshing Pal O’Mine at Arbella, the globetrotting bar from the owners of neighboring Peruvian restaurant Tanta. The mezcal in the shareable fruit-shaped chalice is infused with pineapple, which mellows the liquor’s intensity from a licking-campfire-ashes level to a gentle smolder, and a hint of absinthe lends the fruity-smoky concoction some extra backbone. Consider your taste for mezcal acquired. 112 W. Grand Ave.