Giant cookies
Photo: Jeff Marini

1. Rice Krispies chocolate chip cookie at Summer House Santa Monica

A mammoth chocolate chip wonder topped with cubes of brown butter Rice Krispies Treats—an unlikely triumph of textural contrast. $4, 1954 N. Halsted St.

2. Reese’s and marshmallow peanut butter cookie at Big Fat Cookie

Six ounces of pure, uncut sugary goodness, filled with marshmallow fluff and literally crowned with a full-size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. $5, multiple locations;

3. Iced sugar cookie at Sweet Mandy B’s

Pastel frosting and rainbow sprinkles may make you write this one off as kid stuff, but the bakery’s exemplary buttercream is plenty grown-up—lush and never tooth-achingly sweet. $3.25 for a four-inch version, 1208 W. Webster Ave.

4. The World’s Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie at Tempesta Market

Crinkly-crisp edges, a tender center, a ton of chocolate chips: This delight may actually live up to its name. $3, 1372 W. Grand Ave.

5. Mexican hot chocolate cookie at Warm Belly Bakery

A soft chocolate hockey puck nearly two inches thick is laced with cinnamon and cayenne. Be advised: It will not fit in your glass of milk. $3, 1148 W. Monroe St.

6. Nutella cookie at Bake

Whorls of chocolate-hazelnut spread mixed into the dough give this golden brown confection a decidedly trippy look—and leave gooey deposits buried like hidden treasure throughout. $2.65, 2246 W. North Ave.