AGE: 33
HOMETOWN: Queens, New York
LIVES IN: Goose Island

Tony Bryan says that when he worked as a model in his 20s, most of his jobs came from Europe. “I never did that well in the States,” he remarks. “I don’t look American—I’m not particularly healthy looking, and I don’t have blond hair and nice teeth.” He also thinks Europeans had a better appreciation for his sense of style; when preparing for auditions, Bryan would dress in suits (“I never wear jeans or T-shirts,” he says), always with a ton of grease in his hair. Now retired from modeling, Bryan works as a commercial wardrobe stylist, plays the tenor saxophone in three bands, and practices sewing menswear. “I’m more interested in tailoring than becoming a designer,” he says. “I love to look at seams and turn things inside out.”




Photograph: Maria Ponce