11. Ada St.

Stuck between a weathered wooden portal and a truck-wide corrugated metal entryway, Michael Kornick and David Morton's sexy new boîte somehow fits right in. A maze of brick-lined hallways leads to the dining room, in all its rugged glory. Goofily named cocktails–like Falling in Love Again, a Riesling-based upper–threaten to steal the show, but Schor's clever menu holds its own with crispy black-eyed peas, supremely fresh salumi and cheeses, daring Southern-fried quail, and a moussey mound of chocolate served Nutella-style with toasted ciabatta and a knife for spreading. The cozy space gets packed early, which proves that if Kornick and Morton build it, the foodies will find it.

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Price symbols indicate the typical cost of a meal (without tax, tip, or alcohol) per person.
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