You probably last drank a Long Island iced tea while getting sloshed on your 21st birthday, as the concoction hits the early-career drinker’s demands of containing a lot of alcohol (gin! tequila! vodka! God only knows what else!) but tasting more like a Shirley Temple. Not exactly the kind of refined refreshment you’ll find at most high-end cocktail dens—but then, Moneygun is not like most high-end cocktail dens.

This team effort from the crew behind the Thalia Hall complex and Longman & Eagle brings together bartenders Justin Anderson, Dustin Drankiewicz, and Will Duncan, who collaborated on a decade-spanning menu of classic cocktails (if your idea of classics ranges from mai tais to Pink Squirrels) ramped up for modern tastes. This citrus-tinged boozer goes down just as easy as it did in your college days, but it tastes a lot better. Unfortunately, the hangover’s going to be much worse. 660 W. Lake St.