Burger and chips
Photos: Jeff Marini

When I heard that Sarah Jordan had taken up residence at a café and lunch spot in Near North, I prayed for the second coming of the amazing burger she created at Johnny’s Grill, her dearly departed Logan Square diner. Turns out, the burger ($11) she’s making at DropShot Coffee & Snack Bar is not quite the same—it’s an evolved, cosmopolitan sibling. Its two patties are slightly thicker but made from a richer, altogether juicier ground beef blend. The bun has gone brioche. And instead of a standard dijonnaise sauce, Jordan has a charred green onion mayo, adding a welcome smoky note. About the only thing that stayed the same: the snappy, turmeric-spiked pickles. Do I miss her original creation? Sure. But I’m ready to fall in love again.

312 W. Chestnut St.