Various sausages on the grill
Photo: Jeff Marini

1 Hot Italian Sausage


Through its translucent casing you can see entire continents of pork fat, ensuring every bite will explode with richness, offset by the smoky burn of paprika and crushed red pepper. $7 a pound. 43 E. Ohio St., River North

2 Currywurst


Bratwurst plus curry equals a beloved German street eat. Carnivore marinates the meat mix in the spice before stuffing it for a subtle piquancy. $13 a pound. 1042 Pleasant St., Oak Park

3 Freedom Sausage

Publican Quality Meats

Inspired by the flavors of a smoked French sausage called Morteau, this snappy number laced with Esplette pepper tastes like a better version of a more famous encased meat: the good old hot dog. $9 a pound. 825 W. Fulton Market, West Loop

4 Hot Doug’s Stadium Nacho Sausage

Paulina Market

Doug Sohn’s legacy lives on through one of his legendary joint’s meat suppliers — this one’s stuffed with cheese. $10 for a four-pack. 3501 N. Lincoln Ave., Lake View