Albums by The National, Chance the Rapper, My Bloody Valentine, and Daft Punk

Clockwise from top left: Trouble Will Find Me by the National, Tiny Rebels by the Cairo Gang, mbv by My Bloody Valentine, and Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

Favorite Album of the Year So Far

1. Trouble Will Find Me, the National (4AD)

2. Acid Rap, Chance the Rapper (self-release)

3. Tiny Rebels, the Cairo Gang (Empty Cellar)

4. mbv, My Bloody Valentine (self-release)

5. Silence Yourself, Savages (Matador/Pop Noire)

6. Random Access Memories, Daft Punk (Columbia)

7. The Long and Short of It, Rob Clearfield Quintet (self-release)

* * *

Favorite Local Label

Numero 4

HoZac 3

Drag City 3

Trouble in Mind 2

Peira 2

* * *

Trends That Need to Die

Trends that need to die

* * *

Frank Rosaly,
jazz drummer/composer
J. Alan Love, Arts Incubator, Washington Park
Bare Mutants,
garage-rock band
Christen Thomas,
promoter, Empty Bottle
Supreme Cuts,
electronic/rap duo
Steve Reidell,
the Hood Internet
Twin Peaks,
rock band
Matt Rucins,
promoter, Schubas
Outside World,
pop band
Ryan Weinstein,
the Cairo Gang
Health & Beauty,
psych-folk duo
Dan Mohr, composer

* * *


The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

Photo: Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune

After the Green Mill, I go see jazz ____________.

“At the Constellation. It’s the best new venue in town.”

“In New York.”

“At the Hideout.”

“At SPACE in Evanston.”

“At Jazz Showcase.”

“At Jerry’s Sandwiches.”

* * *

Thoughts on Chief Keef?

Chief Keef

Photo: Johnny Nunez/Wireimage

* * *


The Burlington



Animal Kingdom


Double Door


City Winery

Lincoln Hall

* * *

Closing of Congress Theater: Sad Day or Good Riddance?

Opinions on the closing of Congress Theater

“The sound wasn’t great, and neither was the ambiance; however, the Congress would give unproven acts a place to perform. Its model will be missed.” Andrew Barber, Fake Shore Drive


RESPONDENTS: Jake Austen, Andrew Barber, Josh Berman, Bobby Burg, Mia Clarke, Pete Croke, Trevor de Brauw, Josh Ferguson, Adam Hirzel, J. Alan Love, Nick Mayor, Dan Mohr, Bob Nanna, Steve Reidell, Frank Rosaly, Matt Rucins, Rob Sevier, Christen Thomas, Matt Ulery, Jonathan Van Herik, Ryan Weinstein, Alex White (NOT EVERY RESPONDENT ANSWERED EVERY QUESTION)


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