The Onu You Didn't
Photo: Jeff Marini

At the Ladies’ Room, the new red-lit lounge tucked away inside the Logan Square hot spot Fat Rice, the emphasis is squarely on house-made cocktail components. By infusing grain alcohol with herbs in their subterranean kitchen, for example, chef-owners Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo have created their own variations on Campari, allspice dram, even Malört. Their latest concoction: a version of the Romanian sour-cherry liqueur known as visinata. The idea was born when Fat Rice’s maintenance man, Ioan “Onu” Aldea, happened upon a bounty of fresh-picked cherries that Conlon and Lo had intended to turn into jam and convinced them to let him make visinata with the fruit instead. The chefs liked his liqueur so much they named a cocktail after him. The Onu You Didn’t ($14) features plum brandy, plum shrub, pickled plum vinegar, and a hit of visinata for a floral but refreshingly tart combo. 2953 W. Diversey Ave.