Sometimes, something so perfect crosses my desk, that I feel compelled to stop, inhale … and immediately put it on my blog. This press release from Simon & Schuster is one of these.

“Recently, I sent you a copy of HOW TO DUCK A SUCKAH: A Guide to Living a Drama-Free Life (February 2008) by Big Boom, author of the Essence bestselling book, If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs (2007). . . In HOW TO DUCK A SUCKAH, Boom explains his controversial past and why he has decided to take a stand against suckahs by guiding women out of the ‘sitting duck syndrome.’ Big Boom was once a player/pimp/hustler and incessantly preyed on women, but now happily married Big Boom offers an inside look at how ‘no good men,’ think and what women can do to avoid being part of their games.”

Interested? Well, it’s your lucky day, because Big Boom himself will be in Chicago on Saturday at the Avalon Branch of the Chicago Public Library (8148 S. Stony Island Avenue; 312-747-5234).