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Lollapalooza style was dominated by the usual crowd of hipsters and hippies dressed in vintage accessories and boho best. But even with the dreads, sari-esque wraps, and bandanas, there was still enough khaki, camo, and greek gear in the crowd to remind us that we were at Lolla and not at Bonnaroo. From aviators to V-necks, here are eight trends we liked at the fest.

1. Bohemian sundresses: light, airy, and stylish, too. These dresses floating around Lolla were a girl’s savior in the scorching temps, not to mention a pretty contrast to the Nine Inch Nails black-fitted throngs on Sunday.

2. Aviators: Overdone? Yeah, but hey, they gave even the yuppiest breed a rebel edge, and they looked far better than those obnoxious multi-colored wayfarers.

3. V-necks: Because nothing spiced up the farmer’s tan quite like the V-neck tee.

4. Vintage tees: As nauseating as style conformity can be, we had to admit they did look comfortable, cool, and (though probably not truly "vintage") relaxed.  A favorite—a tee with a picture of a dinosaur, and a slogan that said "Never Forget."

5. CamelBaks: So, we realized they weren’t for style, but in the heat of the day, finding a friend with a CamelBak was like seeing a glorious oasis in the desert—even when it wasn’t water on the other end.

6. Strappy sandals: Cute, convenient, yet uncomfortable for walking

7. One-shoed men: We saw a bunch of guys missing one shoe—a result of mosh pits for Rage Against the Machine. It wasn’t a fashion statement, but it looked strangely cool in our books.

8. Bikini top under the shirt: nothing short of genius.

Photograph: Megan Lovejoy