Broken leg be damned—that chick on crutches was determined to catch the midnight premiere of the Sex and the City movie.

I rallied an office crew to the midnight premiere of Sex and the City at Webster Place, which means that right now I’m sort of fried. The movie didn’t start until way after midnight, it lasted two-plus hours, and then I had to circle my ‘hood desperately looking for a parking space at 3:30 a.m. It was all worth it, though, to come to the office and threaten the ladies at work with my ability to spoil the ending. Both Web editor Esther Kang and I are running on three hours of sleep, but we couldn’t resist IM’ing about the film—and about the Trixies who turned out in droves. Don’t worry: No spoilers here. We’re not that mean.

Cassie: So we are among the faithful who went to a midnight showing of SATC.
Esther: I wouldn’t call myself a faithful….
Cassie: What prompted you to join the throng, then?
Esther: I’m not sure—spur of the moment decision. It was worth it, though, to see the phenomenon.
Cassie: You mean the hordes of young women in Ugg boots?
Esther: Hahaha. Never knew the audience skewed so young.
Cassie: Leaving the theater, my friend Beth remarked that it was kind of like going to see Tiffany in sixth grade. What do you think? $10 well spent or no?
Esther: I think so. It’s finally over, and we know what happened to all of them… and just to watch your coke-and-candy-induced antics. You?
Cassie: Yes, I got a little hyper. I had to pump up so I wouldn’t fall asleep. As for the $10, sure, it’s a good movie. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but I stayed with it for two-plus hours. Would you take a boyfriend to the movie?
Esther: No, I couldn’t possibly do that to a guy. I barely could stand it myself. I kept looking over at the chick next to me with disdain.
Cassie: What was she doing?
Esther: Crying and sighing and gasping and touching her face. And laughing really hard. The movie wasn’t that funny.
Cassie: Yeah, it’s not so much a comedy as, what, a light drama?
Esther: Agreed. And the parts I found funny, no one else was laughing. As usual, I guess. What was your favorite part?
Cassie: The clothes. I loved how Carrie’s look was much more layered than in the TV series, kind of keeping with the way fashion is going right now. And Miranda’s dresses! I loved every single one of them, and she’s not usually the standout stylewise. Yours?
Esther: I gotta admit, definitely the clothes. A lot of over-the-top fashion, but some realistic, wearable stuff.
Cassie: So we counted, what, 15 men in a theater of 250?
Esther: 15! No way. I’d say fewer.
Cassie: I think it was about that. A few dads with what looked like vanfuls of daughters, a few men who like men, and some very whipped boyfriends.
Esther: Seriously. I did see a crusty old man sitting in the back by himself. That was weird. By the way, could Jennifer Hudson have sucked more?
Cassie: She was terrible, but in a very cute sort of way. Sort of how Kate Hudson always is.
Esther: Yeah, but it makes you think twice about her Oscar. So you know how you asked which SATC character I am?
Cassie: Yeah, when we were killing the ridiculous hour before the movie.
Esther: In the middle of the movie, it dawned upon me that I’m Brady.
Cassie: The 4-year-old? How so?
Esther: I have no clue about anything, and I like Batman. Beth said you were most like Carrie. Accurate?
Cassie: Yeah, I’m Carrie, minus the huge wardrobe and Mr. Big. Which leaves me with, what, a laptop?