From left, Sean and Chris of The White Tie Affair

Ages: Early to mid 20s
Status: All single
Neighborhoods: Lincoln Park; Wicker Park; Schererville, Indiana

Move over, Fall Out Boy. The White Tie Affair, which bears a striking sonic resemblance to Pete Wentz and Co., is the latest boy band to come out of Chicago. The group, which signed with Epic Records a year ago, has been touring in support of its upcoming album, Get in Where You Fit In, out this April (check out the band’s new double video for the singles “Allow Me to Introduce Myself … Mr. Right” and “Candle (Sick and Tired)” on The guys—lead singer Chris Wallace, 21; guitarist/programmer Sean P., 23; drummer Tim McLaughlin, 25; keyboardist/guitarist Ryan Hollywood, 24; and bassist Ryan Cook, 24—all hail from Chicago and Indiana, and still call the Midwest home. I scored a prime spot in the balcony, next to Chris’s parents, when the band opened for Second Hand Serenade last Saturday at Subterranean. “He likes to work the crowds,” Chris’s beaming mom, Virginia Garland, told me. 

1. Drink of choice?
Chris: Hawaiian Punch. I drink it onstage every night when I play.
Sean: Whiskey and Sprite

2. Favorite person to drink with?
Chris: Sean P.
Sean: The band

3. Favorite bar?
Chris: Lincoln Tap
Sean: Smart Bar

4. Favorite local music venue?
Chris: The Metro, to both play and see music
Sean: The Metro

5. Last book you read?
Chris: Just started The Devil in the White City
Sean: The Secret

6. Last song or album you downloaded off iTunes?
Chris: [The band] Cobra Starship
Sean: [The band] My American Heart

7. Favorite Chicago restaurant or dish?
Chris: Vivo. Get the scallops!
Sean: Home Run Inn Pizza

8. If you could go drinking with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Chris: Miles Davis
Sean: Puck from The Real World

9. What are your most prized possessions?
Chris: My Harley motorcycle, my first guitar, and a Christmas ornament with a picture of my sister and me
Sean: Laptop and cell phone

10. When’s your bedtime?
Chris: 3 a.m.
Sean: Whenever I get a chance

11. Favorite place to shop in Chicago?
Chris: The Alley
Sean: American Apparel or a thrift store

12. Chicago pizza or New York style?
Chris: New York, because they sell it by the slice.
Sean: Both. Chicago pizza tastes better, but with New York-style, there’s more variety.

13. Favorite brand of jeans?
Chris: G-Star or Juicy.
Sean: G-Star.

14. What do you look for in a girl?
Chris: Good smile, and she has to love music.
Sean: Hot, with loose morals.

15. How can a groupie best get your attention while you’re performing?
Chris: Scream really loud or sing along.
Sean: Make eye contact.


Photograph: Frederic Reshew