We’re a few days into Fashion Week, and I’ve been seeing Chicago model Karlie Kloss (featured in our March issue) everywhere! This is the 15-year-old rising star’s second season of shows, and editors are chatting about the certain flair she brings to her walk (they’re calling it “The Kloss”). The Kloss is slow, with little upper body movement, ribcage canted back, and chin tilted far down, which apparently makes her look like a zombie. I got video for you at the Costume National show today. It’s pretty great.

If you’re not an avid fashion follower and she looks familiar to you, it might be because she was on the cover of Teen Vogue in February. You probably saw her in the checkout line at Jewel. C’est cool, non?

I’m just back from the Givenchy show, which was full of supersharp clothes for the girl who wants to look like she works at Paris Vogue. Most interesting: a coat with two sets of arms—a semi-hidden set that actually functions (meaning you, uh, put your arms into it), and another set to dangle above and make it look like you’re wearing your coat on your shoulders.

Here is video of the collection:

I was chatting after the show with Ikram, asking her what looks she liked, and she brought up the scrunched-leggings-under-shorts look as something cute for the youngsters. Here is the look in question, modeled by none other than our gal Karlie.


Photography: Elisabeth Fourmont