Last season, Givenchy’s chic, dark, romantic look seemed to be a harbinger for Mary Kate and Ashley—they went chic, dark, and romantic with their own look at around the same time.

So what could the show be telling us this time? When I saw the first model, I thought I had wandered into a Kate Spade show. Polka dots? Isn’t that a bit preppy for Givenchy?

But then I realized that the polka dots only came in black and white (lots of black and white on the runway this season—see Victor & Rolf and Dior) and were big and mod, like white Magic 8 balls.

And things just kept getting cooler after that: Blazers with harem pants. Alaia-like dirndl skirts. Lots of cut-out leather.

I thought it was great.

What do you think?