A funny thing happened at the Akris show. I saw something that I just never, ever expected to see: a jumpsuit. Actually, there were several.

When buttoned-up Akris is showing jumpsuits, you just know that the trend has legs. (Har har. Sorry.) And unfortunately, those legs are attached to the top. And as any girl who has tried to use a public bathroom in a jumpsuit knows, this is kinda annoying. I mean, really, how would a jumpsuit work at the office?

Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention at Andrew Gn in past seasons, but I swear that I’ve never seen so many open-mouthed expressions of delight on the ladies in the front row. (I hate fashion show poker faces; blatant emotions are so much more fun.) In their dainty way, these women were losing themselves in the moment, and that was fun to watch. The beaded dresses in tropical colors drew the most nudging of the neighbors.

When the lights go down before a show, what is the one thing everyone—buyers, stylists, and reporters alike—is hoping for? Everyone hopes for something they will want to wear—not in a fantasy life, but in real life.

If people can’t stop talking about the Dries Van Noten show yesterday, it’s probably because it is just so easy to imagine living in this stuff, and feeling great in it en plus. Super flattering, the silhouette just skimmed the body, and was covered up but not prim. This pencil skirts with popover tops were especially great.

Blake is the only store in the U.S. that buys the entire Dries collection. I believe the stuff will be arriving in February. I would take note of that if I were you. May the best among us win the silk orange burn-out dress.

Photography: Dries collection photos by Style.com