Two days feels like two weeks when you are counting your life in high-heel time. Let me explain high-heel time. High-heel time moves like regular time if you’re seated. If you’re walking, it feels double as long as normal time. And during those moments spent shuffling oh-so-slowly down the bleachers and towards the door—leaving a fashion show is very similar to leaving a small concert—high-heel time means that 15 minutes is the equivalent of an hour. Roughly. Okay! This is the last time I’m going to complain about my feet on this blog. Maybe.

A little belated, but here’s a roundup of what I saw on Sunday (will follow with yesterday’s round-up, which included a fantastic Marc Jacobs show, later today). If it’s a little celeb-heavy, hey, this is New York! It’s sort of about that as much as the clothes.

LELA ROSE (carried at Neapolitan)

This was my first show on Sunday at 10 a.m. The Texan native does design pretty clothes: lots of color and a bit of an African influence (as far as conservative clothes for luncheon ladies can be "tribal inspired"). But I was loving the hair! All of the models had a fun low bun with a braid running down into it. This would be very easy to do at home.




In celebration of DKNY’s 20th anniversary, editors received bottles of champagne. The clothes were actually very cool—sporty and street. Lots of short skirts and drawstring anoraks. Winona Ryder was seated next to Christina Ricci and Nicole Richie. My favorite moment was watching Winona Ryder bounce a bit when My Sharona was sampled in.


By far my favorite show of the day, Preen (carried at Hejfina) ran a soundtrack of sort of ominous, Last Year at Marienbad-like organ music as editors and buyers took their seats. Music does a lot to set the mood of the show. The clothes had zips, and some were quite body-conscious and sexy. No big celebs like Ricci and Ryder here, but lots of the kind of cool girl that Nylon magazine might feature: Peaches Geldof, Cory Kennedy (in cute, lace-patterned tights). Socialites, too, like Genevieve Jones.


What was Anderson Cooper doing at the DVF show? I’m curious. Will there be a newsy CNN exposé on fashion week, or is he just a friend of Diane? He didn’t seem to be working. I would love to hear his take on things. Also there: Uma Thurman, JLo, Eva Mendez. The flashing bulbs for Eva, my gosh. We were going blind all the way back in row six!

I stood next to Tim Gunn on the way into the show. He was all by his lonesome, waiting patiently in line to check in like everyone else. He was exceedingly nice and respectful and had a punchline for everyone who approached him! Delivered in his trademark, droll Gunnian way, I heard this exchange with a nice little southern lady who had somehow managed to sneak past security:

Lady: Excited about the Diane Von Furstenberg show, Tim?
Tim: I sure am. It’s my first time in the tents. Big day for me.


At this up-and-coming English designer’s show, I spotted Ikram and her husband, Ikram in a "Vote Barack" shirt. The clothes got excellent reviews. He uses color in a very interesting way.

More to come soon!

Photography: Elisabeth Fourmont