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Logan Theatre (2646 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-342-5555) knows that our time is short with Don, Peggy, Joan and the rest of the whiskey-sipping Mad Men clan.

The eagerly anticipated sixth season (the second to the last one!) premieres Sunday at 8:00. But the renovated theatre is opening its doors at 7:00 for a soiree complete with $5 Leatherbee cocktails, ’60s-era tunes by the Fly Honeys, and a room full of hair-slicked Peter Campbells and cherry-lipped Megan Drapers geared up to watch the two-hour show in style. (They got a special cable hookup to stream AMC and everything.)

Prizes will be dished out for “Most Dapper” and “Most Dazzling,” so don’t hold back on the hairspray. (The package includes gifts from local vintage shops, Logan Theatre, and Reno restaurant, to name a few). The best dressed will be scouted out by Dovetail (1452 W. Chicago Ave.) owner Julie Ghatan, Comet Vintage (1320 W. 18th St.) co-owners Jamie Roelefs and Jen Thomas, and Chicago fashion blog Tres Awesome founder Emma Arnold. The final contestants will cat-walk the theater for a full audience vote.

Hard up on fashion ideas? Penny Lane Studios (2658 N. Sawyer Ave.), just around the corner from Logan, has discounts on makeup, hair and shave services leading up to the show, and Comet has a 20% off Mad Men rack through Sunday. Dovetail is also offering deals.

Kristen Kaza, viewing party organizer from No Small Plans Productions, is eager to see how the new season will portray such a pivotal era—“from the increased opposition to war to Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations to women's lib and gay lib movements to Woodstock.” Many of us are likely just curious about Don Draper’s unanswered question hinging on the closing credits of Season 5: is he alone?

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  Seating is limited, so act fast.

Here are some other local places to watch the Mad Men season premiere (we'll be updating it as we hear of more):

  • Blue Line Lounge & Grill (1548 N. Damen Ave.): $6 Mad Men cocktails, weekly Sunday-night viewings throughout the season
  • Fat Cat (4840 N. Broadway St.): $8 tableside Manhattans, $37 fondue for four with a bottle of champagne. 20 percent off the bill if you dress up.