Tell me about the show on Friday.

It’s called “Good Times.” It’ll be a lot like the events Party Noire hosts: centered around love, black joy, and good vibes. I’m doing a 20-minute set. A little bit of it will be with DJ beats, but I’ll also have my guitar to do instrumental songs.

Christian JaLon and Kopano are also performing. I’m really excited, because I’ve never seen Christian do a full set, and I haven’t seen Kopano since she stepped away from her band K-Mu. The three of us have a similar style—focused on girlhood, joy, and self-love. It’s affirming music.

Will you play anything new?

I’ll play the new song I have coming out, “Lullaby.” It’s all about black girls. I wrote it because it’s a message I’ve needed for myself recently: Despite everything you offer the world, you still deserve to rest. Black women are expected to do so much every single day. You don’t always have to be out there on the forefront.

I’m also having a viewing party for the video on Thursday at AMFM in Pilsen. I’m not in the video myself, but it features two younger girls I used to babysit for. It’s pretty precious. I was like the kid liaison on set.

Do you have an album coming out anytime soon?

After this song, the goal is to finish another EP. I’d love to have it out by June, but it might get pushed later into the summer. It’s tentatively called Bedtime.

Why Bedtime?

A lot of my recent writing has been centered around my bedroom, and the self-reflection and self-healing that has to do with my bed. It’s a very holy place for me. It’s become a kind of accidental focal point. Just recently, I had a friend take some photos of me in my bedroom for my new website,, which went live Monday.

What’s next after the viewing party and Promontory show?

April and May are busy. I’ll be at Chop Shop on April 20, opening for Malcolm London. Burns Twins and Kaina are also on the bill, along with the rapper Femdot. The next day, April 21, I’ll be at Hungry Brain doing a stripped back set with a couple of other great women vocalists and musicians.