Photograph: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson in the new movie Drinking Buddies, out in theaters this weekend.

If you’re planning on catching Drinking Buddies in theaters this weekend, expect to see a lot of Chicago Easter eggs—the movie, which centers around Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde as coworkers at a brewery, was filmed entirely in the local beer scene. Chicago filmmaker Joe Swanberg, who directed the movie, always intended to be very clear about where the movie takes place: “[Dropping Chicago names] was just an aspect of really digging into making these characters specific,” he told Chicago. “The goal [is] even people who don't live here in Chicago will at least recognize specificity.”

Wondering how specific? Here are just a few spotted during the movie.

Old Style hat Jake Johnson’s character Luke never seems to be without his trust cap. Yes, Old Style is from Wisconsin, but any Chicagoan knows it has infested the city in the last century.

Revolution Brewing The movie films primarily at the Revolution Brewing tap room on Kedzie. The tap room is one of several places to drink Chicago beer from the source.

Iron Fist Pale Ale Posters for Revolution’s famous beer litter the background. It’s also one of the 62 Chicago beers you should be tasting now.

Orr Academy Anna Kendrick’s character Jill is a teacher at Orr Academy.

Empty Bottle The characters meet up after work and play pool at Empty Bottle, one of the best bars in Chicago.

Half Acre t-shirt Olivia Wilde’s character Kate comes to work in a Half Acre Beer Company T-shirt. No surprise, though. “Olivia's character, Kate, is inspired by my friend Kate who works at Half Acre. So there's a big Half Acre connection,” Swanberg says.

Daisy Cutter Speaking of Half Acre, the company’s Daisy Cutter shows up during a long night of drinking for Luke and Kate.

Threewalls poster When Olivia Wilde’s character moves out of her apartment at the end of the movie, the camera flashes to a poster for Threewalls gallery.