His name is Jeremy, but that’s pretty much all most people know about “Mr. Riot.”

Although he would like to think he’s “not someone important,” the man behind Riot Fest’s growingly popular Twitter feed (@RiotFest) has, in just the few short months he’s been behind the board, doubled its followers to 15,000 with an entertaining, informative response to nearly anyone who writes to him.

Oh and there’s that other thing he did, getting Jesse and the Rippers (the fictitious band of Uncle Jesse, John Stamos’ character on Full House) to, uh, reunite.

Naturally, we had a few questions for him.

So who are you?

“I’m friends with Mike [Petryshyn, founder of Riot Fest]. I’m not someone important or anything; it’s just more fun keeping my identity hidden. I’ve actually had a lot of our Twitter followers ask if they can meet me, and I have to warn them, ‘you guys are going to be so disappointed.’ But we’ve talked about me possibly slipping into one of the artist signings at the fest for five minutes … to give the kids what they want.”

The Twitter feed is quite entertaining. You pretty much respond to anyone who talks about Riot Fest. What have been some of the weirder interactions?

“The questions I always get are about how scary Humboldt Park is and parents who won’t let their kids go because of that reason. I take that personally because I’ve lived in this neighborhood for the past 10 years, and I love it. It’s not the ’90s anymore, you’re safe to come enjoy it.”

What’s with the obsession with Jesse & the Rippers we’re seeing in the feed lately?

“I caught an episode of Full House on TV and was curious if John Stamos had a Twitter account (he does). It basically started with me being a smart ass about getting Jesse & the Rippers to play the fest but our fans were really into the idea. We actually had a contest where people could win tickets for the best Photoshop of John Stamos on the cover of an old punk album. [Stamos] responded at how much he loved the idea, and I started talking to his agent.”

So there’s actually a chance Jesse & the Rippers could play Riot Fest?

“There’s always a chance. Official contact has been made.”

Does this have anything to do with seeing them on Jimmy Fallon a couple of weeks ago?

“It’s either a very amazing coincidence or, as I like to see it, we had something to do with the reunion. I think Fallon got word and stole our idea.”

You also announced some lineup additions last week like The Pixies, Andrew W.K. and Joan Jett and the sad news that Motorhead is out.

“We’re going to try to get Lemmy back for next year.”

Any more lineup announcements coming in August?

“There will definitely be more surprises coming this month. Everyone just needs to keep watching out on Twitter. There actually is informative news on there, too.”