Public-radio anchor “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” visits Millennium Park tonight for the first time since 2009. Panelists will be Mo Rocca, Faith Salie, and Chicago’s Brian Babylon.

Now in its 18th year, the weekly news and comedy show usually records in front of a small audience in a basement theater of Chase Tower. 

Tonight’s show starts at 7 p.m. and is scheduled to last until 9:30. Except for a few seats reserved for VIPs, all of the seating is general admission, which means if you want a view of the stage, you should probably pack up the brie and Chardonnay already and head over.

The radio edit, which airs on WBEZ on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and 9 p.m., is only an hour. The balance of “Wait Wait” performances are typically occupied by banter from host Peter Sagal and retakes of any flubs.

For a taste of what to expect, read our 2007 profile of Sagal, which opens with a scene from the 2007 show at Millennium Park. The “Not My Job” guest that evening was U.S. district attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Who will tonight’s “Not My Job” guest be? Producers were tight-lipped, but I expect it will be a live appearance, not a call-in. It will probably be someone with a local connection to appeal to the large live audience but with national appeal, possibly with something to plug. With that in mind, here are some predictions, along with their odds at post time.

75-1—Rahm Emanuel
100-1—Buddy Guy
100-1—Terrence Howard
100-1—Taylor Kinney
100-1—Joel Quenneville
200-1—Perry Farrell
200-1—Veronica Roth
200-1—Jason Segel
500-1—Julie Johnston
500-1—Chance the Rapper
1,000-1—Lady Gaga
1,000-1—Michelle Obama
5,000-1—Paul McCartney
1,000,000-1—Hillary Clinton
1,000,001-1—Hologram Chief Keef

Update: Unbeknownst to us when this was posted, “Wait Wait” had just announced that Chance the Rapper will be tonight’s guest. We were in a meeting, we swear!