Tink's Time  

The Fader profiles rising Chicago R&B singer and rapper Tink. 

Not Just for Laughs  

An inside peek at Second City’s long-running 24-hour improv marathon. 

Second to None  

Here's the full list of current and former Chicagoans who got Golden Globe nominations this year. 

Separate and Not Equal

Pulitzer-prize winning theater critic and Chicago native Margo Jefferson recounts her years growing up in segregated Chicago in this Guernica essay.

Festival of Lights

The New York Times’ In Transit blog takes a look at Andersonville’s St. Lucia celebration. 

Review Revue:

Couldn’t catch Bob Seger at United Center last night? Here’s what you missed:

Chicago Tribune: "Seger sang every word like he meant it, and backed up the conviction with contagious energy expressed through body language that announced how much he loves his job."

Chicago Sun-Times: "Seger, 69, is the rare veteran musician his age who tours with an age-appropriate band, appears genuinely happy to show up for work, and doesn’t pretend he’s something he’s not."