Remembering Andrew Patner

Longtime Sun-Times critic and WFMT voice Andrew Patner died suddenly Tuesday morning at age 55. Chicago's Graham Meyer recalls his ruthless reporting and indelible kindness.

Chance the Bandmate

Why is Chicago's fastest-rising rapper shelving solo fame to play with a band? The Fader profiles Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment.

Twilit Legend

At 92, photographer Art Shay is already being memorialized—in films, in exhibits, and this week, in My Florence, a book version of the show that toasted his wife at Columbia last year. The Reader looks back as Shay constructs his archive.

Local Taste

What type of film is most popular in your 'hood? Chicago gathers the Redbox data.

Draft Demands

The NFL draft is coming to Chicago this spring, and it's bringing with it—surprise!—a litany of demands for the Auditorium Theatre and city. The Tribune FOIAs the league.

Review Revue

Bruce Graham's White Guy on the Bus, which follows a wealthy white businessman and a single black mother who ride the bus together every week, is premiering at Skokie's Northlight Theatre to many a critical mouth-kiss. Specifically:

Chicago Sun-Times: “White Guy on the Bus…is an altogether incendiary examination of race in this country…Graham says things that many other playwrights would quickly self-censor."

Chicago Tribune: "It is a play with guts…red, racially charged meat."

Chicago Reader: “White Guy on the Bus demonstrates how completely fucked-up we all remain as a result of crimes that only technically ended 150 years ago."