PLEASE NOTE: Events may be postponed or simply canceled. Please call ahead to make sure they are still scheduled to take place. Vaccine requirements may also apply.

1. Hometown Playwright

Tyla Abercrumbie is best known for her role as Nina in Showtime’s The Chi. She grew up in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, eventually becoming a playwright. Now, her play Relentless comes to the Goodman Theatre. The play is set in 1919 during the Black Victorian era, where two sisters lose their mother and go to Philadelphia to settle her estate. April 1-May 1.

2. Hall & Todd

No matter your age, at some point or another you’ve heard a Daryl Hall & John Oates song and inevitably danced. Arguably the best singing duo of all time, the pair split up in the late ‘80s. This weekend, you can see Daryl Hall and the Daryl’s House Band with special guest Todd Rundgren live at the Auditorium Theatre to kick off their tour. April 1.

3. Creativity in Quarantine

Caren Helene Rudman uses writing, photography, and mixed media to explore body and mind. Having exhibited both in New York and Chicago, her Days of Quarantine exhibition is opening this weekend at Stola Contemporary Art. When the quarantine began in March 2020, the Chicago native set out to create a new piece of art every day. The series explores the effects of the pandemic both personally and collectively through 425 consecutive pieces. April 2.

4. Bottled Punk

The Brooklyn art punk band Gustaf joins Chicago-based Ethers and Lifeguard this weekend at Empty Bottle. Each band channels punk, so if you’re looking for a mosh pit, look no further. April 2.

5. Chicago Landscapes

Jin Lee is a Chicago-based photographer who examines landscapes and built environments. Her Chicago Cultural Center exhibition Views & Scenes places a lens solely on Chicago. There are four bodies of work, each focusing on different aspects of the city: train views, great water, salt mountains, and weeds. April 2-August 7.