Derrick Rose

This week Ester Dean (a.k.a. the “Song Machine” behind some of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s biggest hits) released the video for her new single, “Baby Making Love.” It’s an homage to 1990s R&B videos (TLC’s “Baby Baby Baby” comes to mind) where ladies kick back and hang—rather than booty drop, grind, or otherwise seem to care that guys could be watching. Dean’s “Baby Making Love” is a blur of gold (from door-knocker earrings to lip gloss), animal prints (from zebra to cheetah), and 90s-style color blocking (covering baseball caps to pants). But if you ask us, her best style choice, by far, was the decision to rock Derrick Rose’s number 1 Bulls jersey.


Photograph: Esther Kang