The MCA's sweeping David Bowie retrospective closed yesterday, and as others have noted, it was a huge success. The MCA broke attendance records, sales records, Web records, and even hashtag records, and celebs from William H. Macy to Iggy Azalea swung by to catch the action. The exhibit's artistic successes can't be quantified, of course, but its many logistical wins can. Those numbers, below.


The number of t-shirts sold in the MCA's David Bowie Is store, combined with catalogues (7,000), prints (2,100), and other merch for 189,000 total items sold.


The number of visitors the MCA logged during the exhibit's 15-week run—the most in the museum's 47-year history.


The number of times the MCA's website was visited surrounding David Bowie Is.


That's how much money the MCA raised at its David Bowie Is gala, which was sponsored by Louis Vuitton and hosted more than 750 guests.


The number of Twitter accounts that used the #DavidBowieIs hashtag during the exhibit's stay in Chicago.