You go to Pitchfork to watch the bands, but it's also a great place to watch some wildly styish people. In anticipation of this year’s fest—which kicks off in just a few hours—Chicago did a non-scientific study detailing P4k's style trends since 2007.

Here's your historic guide to what you might wear this weekend.

2007: Hayley Williams' hair

The Paramore frontwoman’s two-toned locks and side swept bangs changed a generation. Who will be this year's Jenni Lanning?

2008: Mesh

While our cameras missed coverage of the festival's biggest fashion eye-rollers in 2008, sources confirm that the Swiss cheese mesh look was a top trend.

2009: Neon

There are some occasions, such as Spring Awakening, raves, Mardi Gras, and P4k 2009, when daytime neons are a good choice. Wear it and watch out.

2010: Sports jerseys

This show won't say no to a stylish bro.

2011: Bandeaus

At Pitchfork, you can wear your underwear as a top. And it's totally normal.

2012: Tribal

Bold graphic prints and earthy tones made an appearance all over Union Park last year. Wear with pride.

2013 prediction:

Put a fishtail on it. The 17th Century Dutch girl is back with a vengeance. Read: wooden clogs, fishtail braids, and tulip patterns.