Photo: Clayton Hauck

Though she’s barely of legal drinking age, singer-actress-model Sky Ferreira is no stranger to buzz. She's been a pop-music force on the Internet since her mid-teens and multiple shoots with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson—not to mention a SoCal childhood spent in the presence of Michael Jackson—couldn’t have hurt. I caught up with the “Everything is Embarrassing” singer ahead of her Pitchfork set.


You’re playing at 4:45 today, how are you feeling?

I’m nervous but I’m excited. I played a festival last week and it was supposed to be a rehearsal for this one. But I had laryngitis last week so that sucked. I’m just starting to get my voice back. Pitchfork is who really helped me, so it means a lot that I’m doing this.


Is this your first time attending the festival?

Oh no. I came two or three years ago when Deerhunter played [ed note: it was two years ago]. It was also when Odd Future played and there was supposed to be a protest or something.


Is there anything you’re excited to see today?

I really want to see Foxygen. I saw them at South by [Southwest] and they were awesome. I really liked Swans. I loved Breeders. I’m kind of upset because I’m going to miss R. Kelly. 


Do you have to take off? 



Where’s your next stop? 

I’m going to Paris for literally 24 hours to shoot my EP cover. But it’s going to be amazing so I was like “Yeah, I’ll go there.” Then I’m going to Brussels for like an hour the next day and then I go to Asia. And that’s completely out of the way. I should go to Asia from L.A. or something! 


Have you explored Chicago much since you’ve been here?

Not really this time. But the last time I was here I went to Party City because I wanted to turn my bus into a party bus. It was hilarious because I had to walk around with a shopping cart for like 30 minutes because the bus was in a completely different location. So I was just walking down the street with a bunch of fog machines and lasers and it was freezing.


When is your debut full-length coming out?

I have an EP coming out in September and the full length is coming out end of the year or maybe early 2014. It was going to come out earlier but I had the chance to work with some people who weren’t originally available. I just didn’t have the right managers. They weren’t bad they just didn’t understand what I wanted to do. I’ve been doing this for five years and still haven’t released a [full length] album. So it has to be top quality and I have to feel satisfied. Because I didn’t wait this long to not be satisfied. 


Who did you work with that you’re excited about?

I can’t really say but I can tell you some of the influences. It’s kind of like…Air.


Are you heading in a more atmospheric direction?

A little bit, yeah. I listen to a lot of Harmonia, John Cale and Mark Fry and stuff. I kind of wanted to make it like Suicide but with pop hooks. There are a lot of influences that I don’t think people expect, and it [comes from] what I personally listen to. 


Is there a title yet? 

Well, I change my album titles like I change my underwear. So not yet.