Wild Child plays Schubas on June 20 with two other acts on the Outer City Limits Tour.

Despite the big name acts coming through town this month, the best original folk-infused music you’re likely to find in June is a travelling set of miscreants from Austin. The Outer City Limits Tour is a collection of three groups, Marmalakes, Wild Child, and Shakey Graves, and a perfect curation of some of Austin’s best rising talent. Here's what you can expect:

Marmalakes are the most pop-oriented folk of the night. With delicate vocals and quick-moving acoustic rhythms, the group is humble and pleasant, letting listeners focus on the witty lyrics.

Wild Child (pictured), on the other hand, emphasizes its male/female harmonies—not to mention its bass ukulele. The songwriting is undeniably catchy, which is why this group keeps popping up in random places.

Shakey Graves is the stage name of “a gentleman from Texas” whose honest-to-goodness roots folk has been building buzz through a series of streaming playlists. His acute revival of the picking styles and wailing vocals puts him at the forefront of new wave folk.

June 20 at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport,; $10