Jeff Tweedy

Photo: Sandro; Hair and Makeup: Lisa Trunda at Ford Artists for NARS; Wardrobe Stylist: Leslie Pace; Clothing: (hat) Optimo Hats

Jeff Tweedy, with his 1960s-era 12-string Epiphone Riviera, is out playing music for someone else in Massachusetts.

Dear Jeff,

Ever since you appeared on the cover of July issue of Chicago, I know you said you wanted to take some time apart. I mean, I get it, I really do. Massachusetts has Topsiders and wayfarers and lobster rolls, and Chicago, well, we're getting some kind of bike sharing program? Fine.

I just want you to know that even though this Solid Sound Festival you're "curating" over there this weekend near the Berkshires in western Mass sounds pretty darn interesting, I'm not jealous. It's a lot of Wilco side projects (plus Neko Case). It starts tomorrow. It's not in Chicago. Not even close.

But you know what? Most of those bands will be playing in Chicago anyway, in some shape or form, later in the summer.

So, man, I'll be there. I might even bring my toddler to see Neko Case at the Hideout and give him little baby headphones, which I would never do in Massachusetts. Because I don't want him to start thinking khaki pants and boat shoes is an acceptable combination.

So here's the list of where I'll be this summer. I don't need to go to Massachusetts to hear your so-called solid sound.

  • Wilco, Bob Dylan, and My Morning Jacket roll through Toyota Park on July 12. Tickets are $62
  • Low and Yo La Tengo both perform at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 20. Yo La Tengo returns to play Otto's, in DeKalb, on September 20.
  • On August 8, guitarist Nels Cline will join experimental jazz guitarist Jeff Parker onstage at Pritzker Pavilion to interpret the 1964 free jazz album Turning Point. That one's free.
  • Glenn Kotche, Wilco's gifted percussionist, is a composer in his own right. He wrote a score for the eclectic new-music ensemble Eighth Blackbird and will appear with them at Pritzker Pavilion on August 28. Also free.
  • Neko Case headlines the Hideout Block Party the weekend of September 6 and 7.