Photograph: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune

Jason Hiquet enjoys a lobster corn dog from Grahamwich at last year's Chow Town.  

Graham Elliot, the chef in charge of Lollapalooza's Chow Town, announced today the list of food vendors at this summer's biggest music festival. It ranges from event classics to mouth-watering newcomers.

Although the diappearance of Kuma's Corner will break hearts across Chicago, artisanal doughnuts and gobs of BBQ are known to help soothe the soul. Just as important as your music guide, here's what you'll eat between shows.

Chow Town Staples

Graham Elliot's own restaurant makes a showing with its much-lauded lobster corndogs. Kick back with some truffle and parmesan popcorn, too, and you're set for people-watching.

M Burger
Whether you're in for one day at Lolla or for the full three-day stretch, this is no time for high maintenance—hence the magical simplicity of M Burger. The returning burger joint will be serving up the basics: cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, and french fries. M Burger's menu reads basic, cheap, and downright delectable.

The Smoke Daddy
In Lollapalooza's massive crowd, finger licking can be easily disguised, so why not go for Smoke Daddy's pulled pork sandwich? With flavorful housemade barbeque sauce and matching potato chips, there truly is no reason not to.


Lolla Food Newbies

Glazed and Infused
Yes, this is real. The practically legendary doughnuts of Glazed and Infused will be joining the rest of the food gang at Chow Town this August. There's no promising that the line won't be gasp-worthy, but once again these artisanal and handcrafted sweets will be worth the wait.

La Boulangerie
Lollapalooza's Farmers Market (indeed, there is one) returns to provide a nice oasis for concert-goers, and pastry shop La Boulangerie should be welcomed this year with open arms. Get your French on with chocolate croissants and jam-filled crepes for a more worldly festival experience.

The Salsa Truck
Lolla capitalizes on the food truck craze this year with new pick The Salsa Truck. All Mexican street food here, from carne asada tacos to shrimp quesadillas, comes paired perfectly with a signature salsa. Now that's crafty.