Photo: Zak Arctander 

Some weird dudes. 

In these gender-defying times, vaginas have teeth and penises are elegant metaphors

And now, just in time to subvert the clichéd wholesomeness of Father’s Day, comes Weird Dude Energy, a concept and an exhibition—opening this Friday at Heaven Gallery—that probes the unkempt desires of men.  You know how guys act when they’re all together, without women around? This show amplifies that vibe with work from 17 male artists.

There will be a "a glory hole as part of Michael Rea’s sculpture that is part jail cell, part bathroom stall, made from wood," says the exhibition’s co-curator, Jamie Steele. A glory hole sounds kind of gay (as in homosexual), but that's part of the exploratory nature of this show.

“We’re going to learn something about dude energy when we get things in one room,” says Steele, who is half of a collaborative curator duo with Eileen Mueller. They call themselves Gurl Don't Be Dumb, and it doesn’t matter that they’re two women curating a show of only men, about men.

“It’s not our style to avoid hot button issues,” says Steele.

Weird Dude Energy opens this Friday, June 14, 7­–11 p.m. at Heaven Gallery, 1550 N Milwaukee, second floor