Hold onto your 'staches: In what'll like be the coup of the summer, the reading series Paper Machete has nabbed Nick Offerman for this week's event at the Green Mill. The self-proclaimed "live magazine" hosts local comics, writers, journalists, and actors addressing the news of the week, and reached out to Offerman after last week's appearance at Chicago Humanities Festival. "My understanding is he's been hanging out in [his hometown] Minooka, and we had an inkling he'd still be around," said Paper Machete managing editor Kim Bellware.

As for Saturday's performance, Offerman will be the cabaret guest, which means he'll sing and play guitar. "He may talk," said Bellware, "but he asked if he could play guitar—and who wants to risk a sharp kick to the junk for turning down Nick Offerman?" Also performing are Adam Burke, Brad Einstein, Natalie Jose, Bill Larkin, and Bellware herself.

GO: Saturday, June 6 at 3 p.m. The Green Mill (4802 N. Broadway). Free.