Photograph: Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune

Chicago isn't nearly as celebrity-allergic as it pretends to be. Sure, the lack of star power was one of those things Aleksandar Hemon loves about Chicago. But for every Hemon, there's someone who swarmed RL last summer for a glimpse of Oprah and Justin Bieber.

Those people should brace themselves for some big news in celeb stalking: Summer 2013 is bringing Tinseltown to the Windy City. Here's who is setting up shop here this year:

Mark Wahlberg
Rumors keep flying that Transformers 4 will return to Chicago to film the next installment of the franchise. While the movie will probably film all over the world, revisiting Chicago (which was destroyed in the third film) would make sense for director Michael Bay.

Mila Kunis
Kunis stars in the new film from the Wachowski siblings, called Jupiter Ascending. While some of the filming will probably be in the UK, expect the Wachowskis (and possibly a few stars) to fly through Chicago for a few weeks starting at the end of June. 

Channing Tatum
Mr. Magic Mike stars opposite Kunis in Jupiter Ascending.

Eddie Redmayne
Last seen as Marius in Les Miserables, Redmayne will also be in the Jupiter cast.

Shailene Woodley
The Descendants actress stars in the futuristic Divergent (based on the young adult book by Northwestern grad Veronica Roth). Filming will start in April, although no word yet on locations (Willis Tower and Navy Pier feature prominently in the book though).

Kate Winslet
Winslet joins Woodley in Divergent.

And that doesn't even get into the musical acts coming through Chicago. Summer 2013 is looking extra glitzy already.