Some very dedicated staffers over at Chicagoist took one for the team and tried out River North's new Revive Hydration Clinic—but only after getting completely wasted first.

The clinic, which opened late last year, offers quick treatment for hangovers, over-exertion, and even the common cold. They prefer appointments on the weekends, and if you're like the Chicagoist team, you should probably plan ahead.

After spending more than five hours on a Saturday night bar-crawling around Chicago, the two reporters woke up for their 10 a.m. appointment. After a two-hour treatment (complete with customized IV bags), the duo swung through MBurger and were back on their feet. Their control subject, who did not attend the treatment, didn't fare nearly as well.

Curious? So are we. Let's just say some Chicago staffers may soon be on those chaise lounges as well. 


PHOTOGRAPH: courtesy chicagoist