The wait is almost over for the Wachowski siblings' TV show Sense8 to premiere on Netflix. The show was first teased more than two years ago but it wasn't until this morning that sci-fi fans were treated to its first trailer.

The series, which was filmed in Chicago and seven other cities, follows eight people who suddenly find themselves connected mentally and emotionally. 

Lana Wachowski referenced the series at her recent talk at the Trans 100 event. While not giving much away, she did reveal that one character would be transgender. "It has the first trans character I've ever written," Wachowski said. "It has some very intense, autobiographical scenes, and that was very difficult and surreal. I sometimes questioned why I was doing it, but [actress] Jamie Clayton was a joy to work with. You will all fall in love with her. I guarantee it."

Sense8 premieres June 5 on Netflix.