Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

We’ve been talking about the new Spielberg movie Lincoln (and especially star Daniel Day-Lewis’s take on the man) a lot at the magazine (see this and this), and with the film’s opening finally upon us, it’s time to show some other sides to the 16th president.

Sure, Daniel Day-Lewis perfected his Abraham Lincoln impersonation by staying in character 24/7. But sometimes the best Lincoln imitations ascend to greatness in other ways—like fighting machine-gun wielding cartoon villains. Below are the greatest Lincoln clips from around the web. And no, vampire-hunter Lincoln didn’t make the cut.

Thank you, Internet.

Honest Lincoln (for Geico)


Animated Lincoln (with Batman, of course)


Self-deprecating Lincoln (with some colorful language—but that's what you get when you mix Louis C.K. and SNL)


Dancing Lincoln (with accompaniment from Ray Bolger)


Facebook Lincoln (as invented/read by stand-up comedian Kirk Robinson)


Photograph: Courtesy of Dreamworks II Distribution Co., LLC.