Candid Cameron

Is scissoring a thing? Chicagoland native and stand-up comic Cameron Esposito tackles this question and nine more in the Buzzfeed video “Ask a Lesbian.”

Dream Deferred

Rising Englewood rapper Lil Durk is arrested.   

Malkovich as Muse

The Tribune’s Christopher Borelli talks to photographer Sandro Miller about his creative relationship with actor John Malkovich. Their joint exhibition, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters opens tonight. 

Rare Ware

Illustrator Chris Ware writes about his reluctance to get his flu shot in this blog post about his latest New Yorker cover. 


SOFA Chicago fair director Donna Davies tells Chicago what to expect at the fair, open all weekend, this year.  

Review Revue

The lead architect behind the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (a.k.a. the Star Wars museum) released a design proposal on Tuesday. (Chicago's Whet Moser discussed the design's inspirations here). The reviews of the museum are . . . not great:

Chicago Tribune: “In its present state, it lacks the visual excitement of a blob masterpiece like the billowy Selfridges department store in Birmingham, England. Overly abstract and under-detailed, it looks, from some angles, like a giant lump.”

Chicago Reader: “It helps, for example, to read that this design ‘integrates the natural beauty of the park and Lake Michigan with the powerful man-made architecture of Chicago.’ That's a biggie. Because we might have been looking at that tallest bump and thinking something totally inappropriate—like nuclear reactor.”

Vulture: “ . . . the design, by MAD founder Ma Yansong, oozes across the site, swallowing land, looming over the shoreline and sneering at Chicago’s architectural heritage.”